I turned 32 and moved to Gopher

On the day before my 0b100000 birthday, I finally deployed my personal Gopherhole on my cheap VPS. Under the domain that had waited long enough until this moment. And it’s going to have unique content, not mirrored anywhere else and not mirroring any materials from my “big Web” resources. And all my main publishing activity is going to be there from now on.

What will happen to all other places I maintain, including this blog? Will they be abandoned? Most probably, no (unless I lose my access keys or passwords), I still will post something here if I deem it more suitable for this place than that one. But I want to be honest with you, I am going to take down several websites (i.e. not prolong their domains), including gerda.tech and my older pages on the .xyz TLD. It’s time for me to move on, I cannot cling to the past after having lost the primary reason to do this a long time ago. Besides, my long-term strategy is about reducing dependency on resource-hogging cloud/IaaS/SaaS providers, including the one hosting this very blog, and reducing my overall network footprint.

I’m not a Sylvester, but it’s time to go standalone. Eventually. Until then, I invite you to my new online home, and preferably using a proper client and not a proxy. See ya!