This is how it starts

There’s no easy way to start so I’ll just start. I ditched the idea of a personal blog (or any journal of sorts) quite a long time ago. Each and every attempt to restore it failed. In 2018, I even tried to make a private audioblog via my new Olympus voice recorder. Eventually I stopped this. I just didn’t feel like this. Besides, I always preferred (and still do) doing things instead of talking about them. So, the same fate probably awaits this blog - who knows. But this time, I got some real motivation to at least begin this.

And the motivation is simple: I want to share my ideas and knowledge in a format either unacceptable on other resources or saturated by the white noise from some n00bs (I have no clue how they got to the topics they’re posting in instead of sticking to idiot-oriented iCrap). Yep, I’m not going to be politically correct here, because, you know, why be politically correct when you can be right?

Besides, the Google Group I created (known as Bananahackers, which grew into a full-scale movement) is dedicated to a single topic. There’s another one, Boxless, dedicated to another single topic. And there are lots of topics that wouldn’t fit into any forum but on which I want to write about. To share my knowledge, experience and - most importantly - personal feelings. Yep, English isn’t even my second lang, but I hope that anyone reading this would understand what I’m talking about.

They know me as Luxferre, Nihilist or, in some other communities, as Suborg or SuborgBlack. Each of these nicknames has some backstory behind them but I’m not going to identify myself as either of them here. Chronovirus is just fine and just the way I’m feeling right now. I’m feeling like I’m trying to stop or even reverse the flow of time with the discoveries that question the legitimacy of current state of things some consumer-moronoids call “progress”. No, I’m not a Luddite guy - in fact it’s quite the opposite: I’m a technocrat and transhumanist. But this is not the kind of progress we deserve. And I feel like that this pseudo-progress can only be stopped with a time-space glitch, a major collapse caused by a Chronovirus.

So, let’s find out how deep the rabbit hole is. Be prepared or be doomed.