Supply and demand

Before I start getting technical, I want to explain something a bit. This blog is not going to be about GerdaOS development. At all. However, there’s something I need to address right away about it.

Somehow, in some undescribable way, some people think that Nokia 8110 4G is not a smartphone. Somehow, some people forget that KaiOS is a descendant of Firefox OS, based on the same code forever stuck to Gecko (but that’s a different story). Somehow, these people never saw the original Firefox OS, not even in an emulator, not even in a simulator! And naturally, these people expect 8110 4G to have the same functions as 230, 216, 3310-2017 and other half-baked feature-fail-phones.

And the same people demand from me, main GerdaOS maintainer, to implement the functions they got used to in those phones and older Nokias. Not only that, but they do it in a tone like “You’re such a brilliant programmer, how hard would it be to implement call recording?” And then they wonder why I’m not answering their questions. They can’t even get that I’m not answering to them because of them being total morons.

First of all, why does 8110 4G system even have to have call recording? Not even all Android distros have it! If they could look at the original Firefox OS, they’d find out that it doesn’t have it either. But they don’t care: if the phone UI doesn’t look like other Nokias, it’s bad for these conservative dumbfucks. I’m not saying that call recording feature itself is useless - it’s actually quite useful, unlike those who don’t get that its implementation would require a huge amount of time. Same goes for other features like FLAC support in the standard player. Go and try adding that codec yourselves, I don’t give a slightest F about your audiophile shit. Tracker modules are much more useful for me, so libopenmpt port based player called NeoMod is already available.

Second, I’m not even a programmer. I mean, my full-time job is different than a software developer.

A friend of mine had asked whether I was going to set up a donation box after I told him about my affair. I responded simply: I might have set it up but I don’t want to. Because I don’t want to make anyone feel that they can demand any features they want after they donate to the project. Instead, I offer them ability to directly contribute to the code. And those who cannot contribute - please stop complaining and demanding.

Being different doesn’t mean being bad. If you disagree, I suggest you to go fu… I mean, go back to your trendy tracking and profiling touch devices, as 8110 just isn’t for you, let alone GerdaOS.