On attitude, part 2

Before I continue with anything in this blog, let me make something perfectly clear…

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Plumbers don't wear ties, or A phantom menace in common things

You know, I decided to take a break from the #hacktheone effort. Despite its apparent simplicity, it’s actually very time-consuming and nerve-draining. I’ll definitely return to it someday. But as of now, I focused on a much more fundamental thing affecting every mobile user…

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Just wow

You can’t get bored with Nokias. That’s what I know for sure now. Because after all seemingly successful steps, the strategy suddenly has to be completely redefined once again…

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Okay, Nokia, boot me up!

So, after all the preparations in the previous part, we can actually look at the partitions. Well, not quite outright…

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Another approach

As you already know, the previous part was a complete failure. And there are not that many attack vectors left, actually. And we still have an unlocked bootloader. However, it seems like the project goals have to be redefined. By the way…

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How deep the rabbit hole is

As Linus Torvalds rightly said in LKML,

Theory and practice sometimes clash. And when that happens, theory loses.
Every single time.

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Starting point for Nokia 1

As promised, I’m starting the “Hack The One” cycle. And the first chapter consists of the analysis of what people already have found out about its internals.

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On being realistic

You can’t surround yourself with illusions all the time. Someday, you have to face reality. And do you know what the current reality is? You can find Nokia 216 in every store, you can find Nokia 1 in most stores, but you can find Nokia 8110 4G absolutely nowhere.

As I already said, I’m not a whiner type but since I started this blog I want to write the information that can be not only shared and spread out, but also practically used. And we can’t deny the fact that while Chinese MTK-based OEMs are different for every country, MTK-based Nokias are pretty much the same across the world. This is the advantage I’m going to leverage to the full extent.

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On attitude

Last day, “amazing” news had struck me once again. A new app emerged in official KaiStore.

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Requiem for a platform

I got Nokia 216 recently. Just for experiments. Very nice phone, very durable and fast. And since it’s based on MT6260 (and not the later cut-off MT6260A and MT6261), it even supports J2ME.

Well, J2ME (don’t tell me it’s called JavaME, it will always remain J2ME for me) is quite slow there but it’s fully supported. The real problem is… Development tools aren’t.

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Forgotten values

Did you know about CHIP-8 architecture?

No? Really?

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Long live Chinese OEMs, or Why idealism fails

As you might have already guessed, I’m a Nokia fan. Not from the ones crying “Nokia is dead!” (same thing happens to self-proclaimed Star Wars fans - in reality, a bunch of stupid lifeless nerds crying “Star Wars is dead!”). As a real fan, I believe Nokia and Star Wars are more alive than ever. And I really appreciate Nokia 8.1 and “The Last Jedi” just as much as Nokia 5110 and “A New Hope”. I like them all, why should I hide this and listen to oldfag snobs with their eternal “before was better” mantra?

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Supply and demand

Before I start getting technical, I want to explain something a bit. This blog is not going to be about GerdaOS development. At all. However, there’s something I need to address right away about it.

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This is how it starts

There’s no easy way to start so I’ll just start. I ditched the idea of a personal blog (or any journal of sorts) quite a long time ago. Each and every attempt to restore it failed. In 2018, I even tried to make a private audioblog via my new Olympus voice recorder. Eventually I stopped this. I just didn’t feel like this. Besides, I always preferred (and still do) doing things instead of talking about them. So, the same fate probably awaits this blog - who knows. But this time, I got some real motivation to at least begin this.

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